My Dream 2017

At the start of each year I write a handwritten list of goals and wishes for the year ahead, which allows me to keep track of my myself and my bucket list, as well as helping me achieve something new. Some goals might be bigger than others and I might not get covering everything on my list, but you have to aim high. If your dreams don’t scare you, you aren’t aiming high enough!


Every year I want to visit somewhere new. I had never been to Spain before, until last year when I visited Sitges, Barcelona, Torremolinos and Mijas – all of which were amazing in their own way.


This year I would love to to visit:

  • Berlin – which is already booked for the end of January ?
  • America – Miami & New Orleans
  • Rome

I also hope to get back to London, as well as meet up with my friends from University, wherever that might be, perhaps back in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Come March 2017 I will have been at The Tomorrow Lab for two years, as their Social Media Executive, which is a milestone for me and I have learnt so much & worked with so many great clients. This year will see another year of working hard & developing myself and my skill-set.


I launched towards the end of 2016 & is something I want to focus on developing this year.

Below is an overview of some of the things I hope to achieve in 2017:

  • Get my Facebook Blueprint certification
  • Read four business, marketing & social media related books – first up will be Gary Vaynerchuk‘s ‘Jab, Jab, Hook’ & ‘#AskGaryVee’
  • Grow by posting a blog post at least once per week and posting 3-4 times per week on my social channels
  • Keep finding ways at being better at time management
  • Get a good camera and learn how to take great photos


Friends, family and relationships is something that is very important to me. As mentioned in my previous post, it is important to be a good friend because true friends are hard to come by.


This year I’m going to:

  • Get better at keeping in contact with my friends & family
  • See more of my friends & family
  • ‘Always trust that the ones who are supposed to be in your life, will always find a way’ – a great piece of advice from Erika Fox from Retro Flame
  • Enjoy the little moments with my favourite people


Health, Life & Wellbeing

One of the most important things in life is your health and is something many can take for granted. This year I am turning 25 (SCARY), over the past 2-3 years I have come to have a greater appreciation for my health and the need to take action to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. So this year I hope to do the following:

  • Look after my skin
  • Go to the gym/exercise regularly to relieve stress and get fitter and leaner – at least 2-3 times per week
  • Try out yoga or pilates – something I wanted to do last year and never did
  • Have regular checkups with the doctor & the dentist
  • Drink more water every day. I think I will invest in one of those motivating water bottles to help with this goal.
  • Eat well, but still allow myself to be indulgent when I want to be
  • Read more. As well as reading my business books, I also want to read 3-4 books that have nothing to do with business. Reading a book before bed will help me unwind as opposed to scrolling through my phone.
  • Go for more walks in beautiful places across Northern Ireland
  • Pamper myself more – have long bubble baths more often or a face mask to unwind & relax.


I do have some more goals that I will keep to myself ?

I know YOLO is thrown about a lot, but it is so true! Life is to be lived and we should all make the most of it and every new experience we have. I hope you all have a fab 2017 & that you fulfil your goals & have lots of fun!

Jess x

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